If you love to travel but have a hard time planning and packing outfits; I’ve got you. Today’s post is apart of the Color Series and we’re going to be discussing the 6 basic colors everyone needs in their closet. Essentially we’re going to be building a traveling capsule wardrobe. 



But Why Are They So Important?

The reason why these colors are so important is because just like jeans; they go with everything. These will act as a base to any outfit so that you no longer have to stress about what your packing, if it’ll look good, and you’ll be able to cut your packing time in half.


So What Are They?




-Dark Blue


-Skin Color

Every since I’ve chosen my base according to these colors; I’m less likely to over-pack, I spend less time stressing about packing, and less time in general.


My Capsule 

Showcasing an example of a capsule outfit.
Travel Outfit for Fall 2019

I always start of with jeans; I have a pair of mom jeans from American Eagle (that aren’t actually super dark wash). Jean is an AWESOME fabric to have when you’re traveling. The reason why (and jean experts agree) is that you don’t actually need to wash them. This means that your jeans will last you quite a while. 

For my black option, I’m bringing a pair of black joggers from UNIQLO, along with a cropped tee I found at TjMaxx. I absolutely adore joggers and depending on the style you could dress it up. It’s also a great option to travel in so you don’t have to take up too much space in your luggage. 

My next base piece is a grey accordion trouser. I do like to dress up; so these trousers are perfect for it; and because it is fall I will also be wearing a grey trench.  

A white tee is always a must. I actually always pack two. One that is a cropped and a lighter cotton; and another tee that is longer and more solid. This allows for versatility as you can switch out the tee depending on what you need. 

I always bring a long a blouse; depending on the season I will either bring a one strap or a bodysuit/blouse situation. For my skin color option; I bring either my nude heels or wedges. 

Now that you know what my base is; comment down below what yours will be!


Until next time, stay wonderfully you.



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