I’m at an impasse in life. Or at least that’s how it feels at times. I know, logically, that I’m moving forward. I’m working on my career, I’m saving up for college, I’m preparing for the life that I want. 


But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. And it’s hard to not be where society tells you you should be. It’s awkward and sometimes I let it get to me. 


As much as I keep outside opinions out; I’m still human and sometimes I let them slip in. Which is why it’s so important to develop ways to make you remember that you are a BOSS. 


Fashion is one of the ways I help myself remember. So here’s 3 looks that make me feel like the boss I know I am.


Outfit #- Effortlessly Chic

Shirt: Aliexpress

Necklace: Aliexpress

Belt: Target

Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots- Zara

Bag- Louis Vuitton (hand me down)


Outfit #2 – Princess Vibes

Corset: Victoria Secret

Bracelet: Pandora

Pants: Hollister

Boots: Zara

Outfit #3 – BOSS BABE

Nothing screams boss more than a power suit.

Shirt: Aliexpress

Necklace: Aliexpress

Bracelet: Alex & Ani

Watch: Fossil

Trousers: ASOS

Heels: Payless

Bag: Michael Kors

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