Recently needing to buy more foundation; I was super happy to find out that I would be receiving one from Influenster (shoutout to them for being an MVP). Now my broke a** only has to wait for it.

Flash forward 3ish weeks, I received my VoxBox and to my surprise I got –all. Three. Products. Now I’m even more ecstatic. In the box I received Laura Mercier’s foundation primer, tinted moisturizer, and face illuminator powder.  The perfect trio for a natural glow.

Foundation Primer: This primer is a water-based gel formula that claims to protect against the environment. While I don’t know if that statement is true; I can tell you that I really enjoy this primer particularly for my t-zone which becomes extremely oily. It definitely helps hold foundation and minimize my oil production.

I like using this with a pore-filling primer (which I focus on the areas needed). Normally you don’t mix water, oil, and/or silicone based products; however, this primer does have a bit of silicone in it. Furthermore, it seemed to work fine on my skin but it’s definitely something to watch out for if you plan on doing the same thing.

Tinted Moisturizer: The formula is demi-matte, oil-free and lightweight with SPF 20. It claims to stay true to color which in my case I feel isn’t completely true. It’s lighter on application and quickly oxidizes to a slightly darker shade. That shade then stays throughout the day; the description doesn’t mention if that’s suppose to happen so I’m going to guess no.

Despite the oxidation, I don’t mind it because it does help match my face (which is fairly lighter) to my body. It is layerable and adds a nice dewiness to the skin which I enjoy. In regards to the SPF, I still recommend applying a standalone sunscreen before this to ensure maximum protection.

Face Illuminator Powder: This is a rose-gold illuminator with pearl that allows for an extended wear. I absolutely love how natural it is and it absolutely stays on all day. I love sweeping it onto my lids for a hint of glimmer and color.

Big shout out to my photographer Lyzmarie, thanks for shooting me!

Overall, I love these products and they’ve been added to my everyday routine. What are your favorite products for a natural look? Let me know down below.

Until next time, stay wonderfully you.


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  1. I really appreciate your honest review of the products! I love the idea of the rose gold illuminator. I’m sure it would work on all sorts of skin tones. I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for reviewing!

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